Landscape Awards

 Landscape Award Recipients 2020

 Congratulations to PLANT WNY's 2020 Landscape Awards Recipients

Best of Show: Menne Garden Artistry - Stevenson Residence
1st Place Large Hardscape: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc. - Parks Residence
2nd Place Large Hardscape: Regan Landscape
1st Place Large Mixed Residential: Chevalier Outdoor Living - Henesey's Back Yard Escape
2nd Place Large Mixed Residential: Beautiful River Landscape Design, Inc. - Murray Residence
1st Place Small Hardscape: Beautiful River Landscape Design, Inc. - Sullivan Residence
2nd Place Small Hardscape: Tripi’s Landscaping - Knisley Residence

The Landscape Awards Program - Closed for 2020!  Stay tuned for 2021!

Closed for 2020!  Stay tuned for 2021!

Click here for the Landscape Awards Brochure (criteria and points system)

We are using Google Forms for Landscape Award Entries. You will need a Gmail account to access the form. You will be able to upload your photos and plan on this form. This is the preferred method as everything can be entered online. 
Click here for the Landscape Awards Entry Form via Google Forms

If you do not wish to create a Gmail account, click here for another option to enter on an Excel spreadsheet. You will then need to email your photos and plan to
Click here for Landscape Awards Entry Form via Excel Spreadsheet

Multiple entries per category may be submitted, however, only one award per category per company will be allowed ($50 per entry.)

There are 8 categories to enter:
Mixed Residential:
Small................... Under $10,000
Large.....................Over $10,000

Small...................Under $10,000
Large.....................Over $10,000

Small...................Under $10,000
Large.....................Over $10,000

Best of Show..........Over $150,000

Mature Residential/Commercial.........Minimum 3 years old - (past winning projects excluded). Open to residential or commercial, no dollar restriction, just maturity.

IMPORTANT - Before you can begin: 

- You must have a signed photo release form from the homeowner or business for each entry. The photo release form is on the website. Please email it to

Download the Photography Consent Form here: Photography Consent Form

- Upload your photos to your computer. Now you can upload all the photos at once and have the ability to walk away from your computer while it is loading. Then you can add the captions after all the photos are uploaded instead of waiting for each to upload individually.

- Upload the landscape plan to your computer (optional but recommended.)

- Think about your descriptions for the photos – include the address of home/business as well as their name. Look at the flyer with the criteria to assist you (found above).

- Once you have all the necessary forms, photos, and information you can submit your entries.

- You will have the opportunity to view your submission and edit before submitting it.

- A confirmation email will be sent you to and to the PLANT WNY office.

- Payment must follow application - $50 per entry
   Pay online with Paypal - Click here to pay online
   Mail check – Make payable to PLANT WNY Foundation, PO Box 712, East Amherst, NY 14051

Questions – contact Joyce at 716-741-8047 or

Good luck!

 2020 Landscape award Small 2

2020 Landscape Award



2019 Landscape Awards Recipients

Commercial Over: Napier & Sons
Residential Over: J &L Premier Landscape
Hardscape Under: Regan Landscape
Mature: Chevalier Outdoor Living
Hardscape Over: Tripi’s Landscaping
Residential Under: Regan Landscape
Best of Show: Regan Landscape

2018 Landscape Awards Recipients

Mature Landscape: Tripi’s Landscaping 
Large Hardscape:  Dore Landscape Associates 
Small Hardscape:  Regan Landscape 
Small Residential:  Beautiful River Landscape Design 
Large Residential:  Gossel Lawn and Landscape 

2017 Landscape Awards Recipients

Small Commercial & Small Hardscape: Dore Landscape Associates
Large Commerical:  Napier & Sons
Small Residential & Best of Show:  Chevalier Outdoor Living
Large Hardscape:  T. O'Donnell Landscaping
Large Residential:  Beautiful River Landscape Design

2016 Landscape Awards Recipients

Best of Show Category:   T. O’Donnell Landscaping
Large Residential Category:  Jacrist Gardening Services, Inc.
Large Hardscape Category:  Scott’s Lawn & Landscape Services
Small Hardscape Category:   Murray Brothers Nurseries, Inc.

2015 Landscape Awards Recipients

Residential Small Category: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc.
Residential Large Category: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc.
Hardscapes Small Category: Tripi's Landscaping, LLC
Hardscapes Large Category: Chevalier Outdoor Living
Mature Landscape Category: Menne Landscape & Garden Artistry

2014 Landscape Award Recipients

Mature Category: Beautiful River Landscape Design, Inc., Santonocito Residence
Hardscape Large Category: Restorff's Landscape Service, Hamilton/Aiken Residence
Residential Large Category: Menne Nursery Corp., Lawson Residence
Commercial Small Category: Menne Nursery Corp., Niagara Tourism

2013 Landscape Award Recipient

Commercial: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc - Niagara County Produce
Residential over $10,000: Beautiful River Landscape Design – The Pailler Residence
Residential under $10,000: Jacrist Gardening Services, Inc. -   The Keller Residence
Hardscapes over $10,000: The Cutting Edge Complete Landscaping, Inc. - The Engel Residence

2012 Landscape Award Recipients

Mature Category:    1st Place: The English Gardener - Pam’s Garden

Commercial Large
1st Place: Napier & Son landscape Services, Inc. -  Larkin Development
2nd Place:  Dore Landscape Associates, Inc. -  Darien Lake

 Hardscape Large
1st Place: Dore Landscape Associates, Inc .- Celani Residence
2nd Place: Menne Nursery & Garden Artistry - The Gilchrist Residence
3rd Place:  Mitchell landscaping - The Firehouse

 Mixed Residential Large
1st Place: Pace Landscaping- The Sisson residence
2nd Place: Beautiful River Landscape Design- Ronden Residence
3rd Place: Menne Nursery & Garden artistry- The Schoellkopf Residence